Application Process

STEP ONE - Complete an Application
Please fill out and submit the Application for Admission by completing the form available through the link on the right.
STEP TWO - Provide a Financial Guarantee

You will need to send a financial guarantee showing a minimum of $6,500 for each nine-week term with your application.

For those students planning to attend ESL classes for an extended period of time and/or then go on to the University, we require a bank statement of $32,500 for a twelve-month, 5-term period of study.

STEP THREE - Send Your Application and Documents

Once you have completed filling out your application forms and obtained a financial guarantee, you may send your documents to us by attaching them to your online application. If you already completed your application without attaching them, you may e-mail them to us at

You will need to pay the $125 non-refundable application and placement fee before your application will be processed. You may pay this through our Flywire Portal for International Payments.

STEP FOUR - Complete Our Housing Application

After we have received your Application for Admission, you will be sent a link to our Housing Application form.  Please complete it as soon as possible so that we may begin homestay, residence hall, or apartment placements. Your housing preferences are considered based upon when your Housing Application is received and housing availability. For more information about your choices, please visit the Where Should I Live? page under the Intensive English Program section of our site.

STEP FIVE - Receive Our Response

Spring International Language Center will issue each student an I-20, application for F-1 student visa, or assist with the acquisition of a DS-2019, application for J-1 exchange student/scholar visa, as needed.

It is highly recommended that students planning to attend a college or university in the United States, who have not already applied, bring 4 to 6 sets of original high school and/or university transcripts and certified translated copies in order to apply to graduate and undergraduate degree programs at colleges and universities. Spring International Language Center will help students apply to UA or other appropriate colleges and universities.

STEP SIX - Provide Your Arrival Information
Once you have received your visa, please fill out the Arrival Information Form.  We need this information as soon as possible.