Fulbright English for Graduate Studies Program

at the University of Arkansas

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Program Overview

This online preparatory program will consist of a combination of short assignments you will do on your own time, one-on-one individual conferences with your academic instructors, group class time in your smaller groups, and weekly meetings with the entire group of 100 Fulbright scholars. You will be creating, watching, and commenting on each other’s videos and essays so we expect the discussion threads for this program to be lively at all times of the day and night. The final program schedule will be uploaded to this site and emailed to you by July 1

Spring International Language Center (SILC) has been providing excellent language learning experiences for over twenty-five years. We believe that language learning contributes to greater understanding among peoples of diverse cultural backgrounds and to peace. SILC embraces the goals of William J. Fulbright for international educational exchange.


The University of Arkansas Main Campus in Fayetteville


The University of Arkansas (UAF) is a beautiful campus located in the delightful town of Fayetteville in Northwest Arkansas. As of Fall 2017, the University has a student population of over 27,000 students from throughout the United States and over 1,500 international students from 120 foreign countries. The campus is surrounded by the great natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains offering wonderful places for outdoor sporting and hiking. International students find the friendly and safe environment of Fayetteville a wonderful place to live and study.


Spring International Language Center

Spring International Language Center (SILC) is a professional academic organization which provides intensive English and cross-cultural education to international students and professionals. As an institution, we strive for excellence in an environment which treats both teachers and students with respect. We attempt to understand and appreciate our students’ cultural differences and to enhance their ability to function effectively in a new culture with a new language. We believe in encouraging the language acquisition and personal progress of students in an atmosphere of support, openness, and understanding.



All classes and academic activities will be conducted by qualified and experienced instructors with master’s degrees in TESOL, linguistics, or related fields. Supplemental lectures or meetings will be provided by University of Arkansas faculty in various academic fields of study. Special sessions and workshops will be designed by faculty members to address the specific needs of the Fulbright grantees.



The Program of English and Academic Orientation for Graduate Studies will help IIE/Fulbright grantees:

  • prepare for a smooth transition into U.S. graduate schools
  • develop coping strategies for culture shock and adaptation
  • adapt to the demands of academic rigor and the culture of graduate studies
  • refine their English language skills.


The English for Graduate Studies courses will include:

  • academic writing: research papers, documentation, editing, and proofreading
  • academic listening and speaking skills, public speaking, and seminar reporting
  • academic study skills, library and Internet research
  • computer skills: labs and introduction to academic computing
  • UAF faculty lecture series on the U.S. system of education, the family, the political party system, economic institutions, and other current issues or academic topics in the news
  • certificates of completion
  • field specific vocabulary workshops

Orientation sessions and workshops for graduate students will include:

  • International Graduate Student Panel
  • dealing with cross-cultural adjustment and stress
  • communication in “real life” settings
  • getting involved on campus – Strategies for Success as a Graduate Student
  • time management strategies