Language Partner Program

The Language Partner Program at Spring International seeks to match our students with American/Native English speakers for informal meetings once a week. These weekly meetings are held at a time and place decided upon by the American partner and the student. This is a fun, social meeting. There is no teaching or homework assistance involved. These meetings offer our students a chance to practice their English, learn more about American culture, and hopefully make a new friend in the area. The program is fun and rewarding for the partner as well, since they are matched with a student who is very excited to learn more about Americans, the English language, and American culture.

There are no requirements for joining the program or serving as a language partner: so whether you are a student, a faculty member, or just a lover of international experiences, we welcome your application.

In addition, our language partners program is also an excellent opportunity for those interested in doing a bit of community service as well as a great resume builder!

Please keep in mind that proselytizing is not tolerated. If you are reported, you will be immediately removed from the program.

To apply, send your inquiry to Nick Allred ( or go directly to online Language Partner Application Form.  The application asks for information about interests and past language experience in order to match partners with a compatible student. The application also includes a copy of our Language Partner Agreement that we ask all participants to sign before we match them with a partner.

We are currently seeking partners to match with our students for the Summer and Fall sessions. If you have a friend who you think might be interested, please pass this information on to them as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Email and phone are usually the easiest methods, but you are welcome to stop by our office at Uptown West Campus, located opposite of Panera Bread in Fayetteville.