Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Certificate Program



Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate* Program at Spring International Language Center at the University of Arkansas is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). It is designed for: 

  1.  Native English speakers who plan to teach English abroad and
  2. International non-native English speakers with advanced English skills interested in learning new creative teaching strategies and becoming better EFL teachers in their home countries.

This program will include 120 hours of courses and workshops (30 additional hours of practicum required for pre-service teachers)**:

  •  Language Teaching Methodology
  • Reading and Writing Skills Workshops
  • English Phonology and Pronunciation
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Teaching English Grammar Interactivity
  • Self-Inquiry and Reflective Teaching
  • Oral Communication
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Educational Lectures and Professional Visits to English as a Second Language Classrooms

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For current program application please contact gavin@uark.edu.

TEFL Certificate Program Mission Statement


Spring International Language Center’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate Program mission is designed to teach and train both prospective and in-service English teachers, to learn and review a wide range of approaches, materials, and techniques for teaching English as a foreign language, to discuss current issues, choices, challenges, and solutions in the field, to expand and enhance teacher’s ability to use technology for teaching, and to renew and revive in-service teachers’ enthusiasm and energy for teaching.

A peripheral benefit to our approach facilitates teachers’ professional development by connecting and collaborating with their colleagues from home and abroad by creating professional support networks. This in turn fosters respect and sharing amongst the variety of cultures of our participants. The faculty endeavor to help develop teacher leaders through reflective, experiential activities focused on interpersonal skills, communication, and leadership. Knowledge, application, confidence-building, and creativity are the cornerstones of the program.

The TEFL Certificate Program provides opportunities for participants to develop a deeper understanding of American culture and its inextricable relationship to language through a variety of socio-cultural experiences and reflective activities.

The TEFL Certificate mission and goals statement clearly states the academic, professional, leadership, and cultural goals of the program. Our highly experienced faculty hold these goals as paramount. They are reflected in the curriculum, the context in which we teach, and in the resources allocated to the program. The TEFL Certificate goals support and reflect the SILC mission of respect, professionalism, cross-cultural awareness, and language acquisition.

*This certificate is not a teaching license. It is designed for personal improvement in the field of language learning and teaching.

**30 additional hours of practicum are required for pre-service teachers. This work will be completed outside of the listed class hours and is mandatory before completion of the program is recognized.

For more information email gavin@uark.edu, visit us at the SILC TEFL Facebook page or call us at 479-575-7600.